Monday, 7 August 2017

A blog of epic proportions!

We woke up to our normal porridge this morning and found out that it was tom bit Corey snoring. update: museli is the new condensed milk. Nutella was running low but Mrs T and Jack did a run to Blantyre and brought back "some yummy secret snacks". This morning consisted of endless brick lines featuring hannah Montana and high school musical songs. 
Mandazis are back but most of us have realised 3 is our limit. 
jeans (the nurse) stories opened our eyes to the hardships of survival which to  us seemed easily fixable- it was surprisingly transport and hygiene that prevented them from getting better. The pictures brought her stories to life and shocked us further. 
The girls room is a jungle in itself displaying a range of life including a cricket (which Rachel thought was a frog). 
In the compound we received a visit from a chicken which. Emily Becca and Anna m chased away- so brave.
The evening ended with a self defence class with Mr Ellis where be flinched every time.  Tom was a fab volunteer and Milanas frightening side was shown!
although Milana insists salty pineapple is "yummy" th e rest of the group were more than confused. 
dear Jonathan (Beccas Dad) thank you so much for the eclipse comment we actually re ad it out at 8pm on the 7th and Anna and Mrs Twinham jumped up and said that's now so we had an eclipse.  
answer to the last question: Corey got 26, wait ... 27 buckets of water for swearing.  
ps - Katie and Anu' s parents please can we have dominoes pizza for our first meal back?! 
PPS- evaporating thoughts you are the highlight of our day 
QOTD: Who said "are chickens mammals"? 
A Tom
B Dini
C Becca/Jeff 

lots of love Hannah, Katie and Jeff

A scenic Chichewa lesson


  1. Another great blog bringing your adventures to life. Can't believe the Nutella has run out! Rach - we are all missing you but it is lovely seeing your room tidy for more than a day! Have you managed to take any video? Hope so. Love you loads Mum and Dad xx

  2. Great reading about another interesting day .Glad to hear you are all surviving the onslaught of wildlife including the very scarey chickens.
    Will make a note of the Dominoes request though if you want BBQ chicken and sweet corn then I won't be sharing It with you Anu .
    Lots of love Mum and Dad

  3. Nice to see milana sharing the salted pineapple tip with the team.. it reduces the bitterness.. although I am sure they are lovely and sweet growing naturally in the sunshine.. go on team.. try it mummy Johannes x

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  5. Hey Megan and T2,
    Sounds like you're having a great time, keep up all the hard work. Missing you loadsss, but glad to see you're having fun and making a big difference! Keep up the blogging, it really is the best part of my day seeing what you're getting up to.
    See you very soon!
    Love Owen (and the guys say hi) xx

  6. Hi all

    Great to see another blog. Corey, I am glad you are helping carrying the water! I remember on our camping trips that was not one of your favourite things to do..

    We are still interested in trying this lentil curry. Hope all is well with you all. Keep it up - looking forward to seeing more photos tomorrow.

    Corey - you missed Bolt not win his final race and also Arsenal beat Chelsea..

    Mum, Dad and Jenna

  7. Dear TGS2 (esp Anu!)

    Muli bwanji? Living life large I see!

    I love the detailed blogs and pictures. Actually your adventures are the highlight of my day esp. after yesterday when I was stuck in a two and a half hour traffic jam on the highway! I am living vicariously through your blogs!

    Try barbequing the pineapples next time!

    Keep the faith.
    Aunt Judy

  8. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time. I can just imagine three of you chasing a chicken!
    Becca's mum.xx

  9. Sounds like you are all having a terrific time, not only experiencing and learning about life in the third world, helping to bring about some modest improvements, and having a lot of fun doing it. Make the most of your last few days. R&G (ask Anna!)

  10. Hannah
    Moni? Muli bwanji?

    I was wondering when it was your turn to write the blog!

    It sounds like you're all having a great time!

    Anyway, if you are into star gazing then this Saturday 12th August is the peak of the Perseids meteor shower which runs from July 23 to August 23. It's the debris from the Swift-Tuttle comet that appears to come from the constellation Perseus, hence the name Perseids.

    Talking of stellar performances England best South Africa by 177 runs to win the series 3-1. Moeen took 5 for 69 to add to his 75 not out from just 66 balls in England's 2nd innings. Roll on the West Indies!

  11. Lovely news and a wonderful taste of how you're all finding it. Good call on the Snack Run Mrs T! Bit different to a nip to Sainsburys at lunchtime..?! Joe and are at at your gorgeous house in Cornwall, Megan. Sally brought me a cup of tea in bed this morning Katie - hoping you might return the favour to Megan tomorrow! Have great fun everyone, lots of love, esp to Katie xxx

  12. Hi Megan and team 2, all sounds very exciting - and some very useful life lessons from Mr Ellis. What were the yummy secret snacks? Dad and I cycled to Portreath yesterday, and Dad knocked me off my bike on the way back - no wonder he cycles on his own most of the time!!
    Keep having fun, Julia and Joe are with us now and we are off to see the highlights of the Roseland. Mum, Dad & FJ xx

  13. Hi Tom

    Feeling more relaxed about the food situation especially as Mrs T has been on a secret snacks run. Bet you finished all the secret snacks we packed pretty quickly! Dad and I had a weekend away which was lovely, leaving nan to help E with the fish duties. All good. Granny Hat, Nel and John are reading the blogs too and are really impressed... Keep up the great work everyone

    Love Mum, Dad and Elsbeth xx ps O is in Vienna and flies home tomorrow

  14. Hi Team 2. Have enjoyed reading the blog and it's amazing to see the great work your doing.

    Hi Charlotte, enjoying the porridge yet! I've bought some in specially for when you get back. Alternatively we can head to Bills.
    Not sure how your painting skills are progressing, but lining up several projects for your return! Lots of love Dad xx (Stuart)

  15. Chickens ... well known egg laying mammals. With feathers. I have had some very confusing "animal / mineral / vegetable" type games over the years with answers like that. However, I suppose it might have been someone else this time.
    I look forward to finding out what a mandazi is - bring home a recipe?
    Lots of love to all, particularly Becca.
    Jonathan J

  16. PS Have Domino's on speed dial ready, Katie xxx

  17. Dear Anu & team - Looks like you are having an exciting, memorable time! I'm sure you are missing pizza! Proud of you ! - Cutlet!

  18. Hi Bex- can't believe all the nutella has run out already! Its so fantastic to see the progress you are all making.... missing you loads mum xxxx

  19. Dini ;-)

    Well done guys - amazing progress. Hope you are enjoying the Blantyre treats (next person who goes to Blantyre visit the hospital - it is very special to me!)

    Keep it going!

    Mrs D