Tuesday, 8 August 2017

A busy day

Progress was the main theme of today, with everyone aching from the hard work we have all endured. The site foreman for today was Milana and the doctor was Anu, who both acted excellently throughout. 

(Un)surprisingly, breakfast was porridge, with Tom finally succumbing to a few mouthfuls, despite there being more Nutella than porridge. 

The two classrooms that we are currently working on have been transformed today, with one room being covered in plaster, and the other sprouting educational pictures and numbers, not so dissimilar to a primary school classroom you would see in England. 

Another special shout out to Yung, who designed the layout of the classroom, and has been an enormous help to us in creating the classroom. 

Lunch was rice and beans, with everyone eating their fair share, and Docas, one of our cooks, dancing when she found out we ate the majority of her food. 

After lunch, we continued with the classrooms, along with planting trees, which is our pet project as the community will not continue it when we leave. so far we have planted and sheltered hundreds of trees, and in five years time, a forest will emerge of our doing. 

Ivy and Docas' lentils are amazing. tonight we have one of our nicest meals, and yes, even Tom ate it. 

The team have worked extremely hard today, probably the most so far, however the progress made is evident. Today is one of the first days we can see our physical impact on the community, along with everything else we are doing. Everyone is happy and looking forward to continuing working, with many of us offering to work past our cut off time, demonstrating the dedication and connection that we have established with this village. 

However, we've all been on edge today as the game of Assassin was in full swing. We were all given a name, a place and an object at dinner last night and the aim is to have the person in the location, holding their object, at which point you shout kill and get their mission. update on the current situation Milana, Megan, Katie, Daisy ams Corey have been killed, in some very sneaky ways. Our favourite (and most controversial involved the mandazi on the bed by Anna). Rachel is a terrible assassin and Anu is basically Jason Bourne. 
The answer to yesterday's question is Nandini magoon, and today she said "do we lay eggs? I feel like we lay eggs".

Question of the day is who started pole dancing after dinner? 
a) Bex
b) Mr Ellis
c) Corey 

Goodnight Corey, Anu and Rachel


  1. Hi Dinisaur!
    Hope you're having a good time. I know I'm having a good time raiding your wardrobe. Haha. We have been doing really fun stuff. Today we went to a theme park called Cavalinno Motto and I conquered all the roller coasters. One question for you, are chickens mammals? Love TT Mag (BEST SISTER) xoxo Btw do you know where my red cap is?

  2. Hi Nandini, Great to hear about the team's daily progress. Keep up the good work. We are all missing you in Italy. Ciao. Mum & Dad xxx

  3. This looks like exhausting work, but the buildings are looking fab! Mike/Mr.Ellis, some wonderful news today, Frances found out that the stem cells have attached! Everyone over the moon. Miss you lots. Hopefully it wasn't you that started pole dancing after dinner, but then again I wouldn't be too surprised. Love Em xxx

  4. Well done Team 2 for what appears to have been a hard day at work but how rewarding to be able to see the difference you are making to the community.I can't believe Anu volunteered to be Doc for the day!!!
    I hope you are collecting recipes for all the lentil curries...it sounds delicious.
    Lots of love to Jason Bourne and the team.Mum and Dadx

  5. Yay, blog time! Hearing about what you have been up to is the highlight of the day. Great that you can really see the connection between your work (& fundraising) and the future of the village. Keep it up. Love to all, especially Becca, and those I know (Milana, Daisy, Charlotte). Long live the forest.

  6. Morning everyone.
    Great to see you are making such good progress whilst having fun at the same time. Corey - I would have thought with all those hours playing assassins creed you would have smashed that game! Go Jason Bourne!

    Today, weather predictions - rain... enjoy your time over there.
    Bye for now Mum, Dad and Jenna

  7. It's been great reading your daily blog and seeing fantastic pictures of you all making excellent progress and enjoying this experience. We especially love the pictures of you with the children and today we can see the project taking shape. This year the pool is not getting as much use as usual (I wonder why?) and uncle rob was first in the pool this Year! The Nutella is popular here too! Btw this is a wasp's paradise so you'd would be going mad jumping up and down! Lots of love Mum, Dad, Uncle R and AJ. XXXX

  8. Dear team 2, Wonderful to see the results of your work really starting to show through and I hope you are not too achy. I do hope that the buildings will stay standing when you leave!! Is there enough water for the trees to survive after you leave? Milana Not much to report here..but we are going to see the mediaeval baebes at the weekend. We are missing you.. Thanks for the news x

  9. Dear Team 2, we are so impressed with the building work that you have been doing! In fact, the next time that the School needs a new building we think that we will suggest that Mr Kenyon gets TGS teams 1 & 2 2017 to tender for the work. Do you think you could fit a building project in alongside your Year 13 studies? Keep up the good work, you are all clearly learning a fantastic range of skills - who knew that a trip to Malawi would uncover the next Jason Bourne. lots of love to you all especially Megan, Mum, Dad and FJ, (in consultation with Katie's Mum, Julia) xxx Grandma sends her love too.

  10. Really interesting going through the blogs and keeping abreast of your activities. Anu and friends are surely having a great time while simultaneously "making a difference".You are laying by a store of memories which will last a life time.Lots of love.Take care.Anus grand parents

  11. To Katie and the gang,
    It looks like like you are all doing a good job. Your building and forest will make a real difference to peoples' lives - something you should all feel very proud of. I am sure that you also realising how fortunate you are back home - never a bad exercise.
    I'm glad you like the nsima' so much. We called it 'ubwali'' in Zambia and often made from millet, so if you think maize is bland... if you have'nt had it already you might ask Ivy and Docas and if they would make you some 'ndiwo', which various types of vegetable leaves cooked up as a side dish to - anything. Tom will love it! I don't remember Zambia for its haut-cuisine but I survived, as will you.
    Work hard but do enjoy your time, and make memories.
    With love and a lot of respect, Poppa XX

  12. Are you there Bex- can't see you in any of the brick-making/plastering/ sieving photos? Sounds like you've made progress. When you get back I need a small building in my garden if you've got time? Love Dad xx

  13. TGS2
    (Esp. Anu!)
    You're making waves
    In my work space!

    So I was at a work event today and during the break, I was checking if there were any new blogs when a colleague asked my what I was reading.

    Then she and I and a bunch of other colleagues had a happy quarter discussing all your blogs and seeing the pictures (when we should have been networking and discussing some work stuff but nobody minded!)!! They all send their best wishes! And they want to know who is Tom is and why he is featured so often in the blogs!

    I like this blog - amazing to hear about your progress and really great pictures. It's all coming together isn't it.

    Zikomo for what you're doing!
    Aunt Judy

  14. To Dini and gang
    Looks like you all are doing a great job and enjoying every moment too...
    Well done Tom..for trying the porridge.
    We are missing you Nandini but Tia is having a super time trying out all YOUR clothes and makeup :-)
    Lots of Love .. Mummy , daddy , Tix, Bantil and Loltil.

  15. Hey Rach,
    Not very shocked to hear you are a rubbish assassin :) I'm now back from sri lanka and can't wait for you to come back so I can tell you all about it and you can tell me about Malawi! It sounds amazing what you are doing.
    How is your tan coming along, mine was quite impressive, but I think the English weather is quickly making me lose it?

  16. Looking forward to hearing how today was and what progress you made on the classrooms.... Whatever will we do once you return? The Blog has become our family entertainment in the evening and we all look forward to hearing/seeing what you have been up to and the impact you are having on the local community.
    Well now you introduced "murder" too so it has become even more thrilling... .looking forward to tonight... Well done team 2. Love from Italy Anna xxxxx

  17. Hi all

    You all seem to be having a cracking time , lots of smiley faces and enjoying way to much food !��The building work looks great , well done everyone.hope you're not missing home to much Mrs T , love you lots and your 3 boys are doing fine apart from Lukes van blowing up in west wickham today ! He is fine .
    Miss u lots xxx


  18. Hi Tom,

    Clearly you have played even MORE games of Assasins Creed than Corey but sounds like there is strong competition from Jason Bourne! Watching this space..

    On the food front good to see you are persevering... Olivia will be interested to hear you are eating lentils. She'll be keen to try out one of her recipes on you!

    Love seeing your photos Team 2 and hearing about your progress. Build on!!

    Lots of love Mum, Dad and E xx (Fish kk, Elsie)

    Lots of love Mum, Dad and Elsbeth xxx

  19. Hi Bex and Team 2- so much progress today-well done!! Have you had enough rice and lentils yet? Its great seeing all the photos from Team 2- you are clearly a fantastic team working together..... lots of love mum xx

  20. by the way Bex- forgot to mention- now Saz wants to go to Malawi too! She has heard all the news and thinks its fantastic the work you are doing....she wants the opportunity too!! Mum and Saz xx

  21. Fab pictures and update - thank you! Looks like things are progressing fantastically well and that you are making a productive and fun team. You will always have a wonderfully special bond! We are having lots of fun in Cornwall with your Mum and Dad, Megan - kayaking (with a mid-paddle pasty - obvs) walking along the coast and now standing by for the Red Arrows to do their thing at St Mawes. Oh, and Katie, I back somersaulted off The Lugger in Portscatho like Jade last year! Hope the assassin game is a little more chilled today. Go Anu! Lots of love to everyone, especially Katie, Mum, Dad and Joe xxx

  22. Dear Anu & gang - Happy to hear about all your activities , feel like I'm part of it ! Surely you will be remembered and the good work you've done will last a long time! Proud of all you, and hang on tight in the toilets!!! -Cutlet!