Friday, 11 August 2017

Bits and pieces

Hello everyone! We woke up to our usual porridge routine this morning, before embarking on an interesting stretching routine by doctor Becca, to prepare for the day ahead. The second half of the group visited the feeding centre this morning, playing games with the children and serving them their meal. It was a very moving experience for all of us - and even Tom had a child on his hip at one point. Meanwhile the rest of the group were moving full speed ahead on the project and finished plastering the last wall in the new classroom that we have been working on. When half of the team returned we regrouped for lunch (beans and rice are still going strong! ). For the final part of the day we finished protected all of the trees that we'd planted with a circle of bricks, making a blackboard for the 2014 classroom and finishing the last painting jobs. We started to smooth the wall that we plastered but the water and paintbrushes became weapons for a large water fight - so the wall did not get much smoothing. We enjoyed our dinner of lentils and rice with our friend Flora from the village and her two children - we are now sitting together all playing cards and all looking forward to a good night's sleep. 
Lots of love Anna B, Milana and Daisy. 

P.S. Happy Birthday to Jade's and Rachel's Dads

Answer from yesterday: Jade carried the most bricks (15)

What is cassava? 
a) a flying insect
b) a giant wotsit
c) a root vegetable


  1. Hi Daisy, we are all loving following your progress, not long to go now, enjoy the safari, love you and miss you loads xxxx

  2. Hi Becca, what did you put them through this morning? I can see your hand print on the lower photograph, which is really moving. Rose & I have been to Hastings on the train, found a cafe in a giant underground skate park (in an old Victorian swimming pool). She wanted me to fetch her scooter so she could join in.
    Lots of love to all, Dad

  3. Another very productive day. Well done! And thanks very much for the birthday wishes (I'll miss Rachel). See you soon. Love

  4. Thanks Rach for remembering Dad's birthday when you've so much going on there. We are off to Margate tomorrow but will have another celebration the night you are home. Not long now. Hope you get all the jobs done before you leave. Love you loads Mum x

  5. Hi Team 2,

    Well Corey, so we have our own family handy man then - plastering and gardener. Bet the water fight was fun! It has been quiet without you and looking forward to hearing all your news. Keep going, loved the picture showing all the hands. How have the creepy crawlies gone? They have not featured in the blogs...
    Well done all!

    Nick, Jane and Jenna

  6. Well done Team 2 .Its all coming together now and all of you have learnt so much while having fun.Hope you have better luck with smoothing today !!
    AOTD -c root vegetable...did you try it ?
    Miss you Anu .lots of love Mum and Dad

  7. A water fight followed by cards? Well earned fun which we know you will have enjoyed Tom! Btw, is the Assasins game over? Good luck finishing everything on your final working day Team 2 - send lots of pics, they are great to see and to keep for you to look back at.

    Love Mum, Dad, Liv and Elsbeth xxx

  8. Hi Team 2 - more great news on your blog, and fab to see the pics. Who started the water fight? I'm sure that was a real laugh. We had a discussion on whether 450 trees constituted a copse, wood or forest - whichever, it's a fab legacy alongside the school room.
    Megan - the Parkers are down, so seeing them this evening, with GMM and GPT and Jennie. Hoping to see the Hayes tomorrow before heading home. Can't wait to see you on Thursday. Dad, Mum and FJ xx

  9. Hi everyone, sounds like you are getting to the 'finishing touches' stage - all sounds great.
    Katie, Poppa, AP, Andy and Dan are here - we are having a fire pit cookout but sadly no cassava, porridge or rice. Dad and Joe are camping tonight as there are due to be lots of shooting stars. I will talk a good camp and then go to a cosy bed I should think!
    We can't wait to see you. Love you lots and love to all. Mx Dx Jx APx Ax and Dx
    PS Noticed your hand print was trademark ginger. Lovely to see xx

  10. Missing you Anna M! So proud of what you are doing!!

  11. Wow ! It's a big building isn't it . You must be really proud and they must be over the moon with the progress.
    Busy day here too, removed the lower half of my gearbox and changed the oil in the transfer box and diffs and so far so good .
    So, when do u go on safari?
    G xx

  12. Impressive structure youre all building- looks almost Roman in design. Hope it lasts as long? well done!

  13. Hello to all you wonderful young people. Thanks Becca for sharing this amazing adventure with us - George and I have really enjoyed following the blog. Astounded at how much you are achieving and loving the pictures, especially the ones of Becca with little ones - totally you! Though it wouldn't surprise me if you were pretty good at Assassin too... Lucy xx

  14. is there a roof on that building?
    or does it never rain there?

  15. Dear TGS2 (esp. Anu!)

    Lovely pictures! Good to see it all come together. Love the sign. Um... What about the roof?! Or is it open to sky?!

    Aunt Judy

  16. Team 2: Looking forward to tonight's blog... Really missed not having one yesterday? What have you been up to?