Sunday, 13 August 2017

Blog from 12/08/17

Apologies all for the late blog - the team sent it last night but for some reason it didn't publish. The team are all well, and headed to safari tomorrow morning! Blog below:

Today was our last full day on project where we finished off painting and plastering and started pointing too. We also saw the builders put the roof on the classroom- everything's starting to come together. A new record was also beaten with bex, Corey and tom plastering a quarter of a wall in 9.5 minutes. We have discovered Mr Ellis's insane plastering talents too. Assassin update: Anna B killed (our beloved leader) Jack with the base ball bat with a cleverly engineered plan. After work we engaged many of the villagers in activities such as rounders, cards, football and martial arts (which they found very entertaining). Dinner was a nice surprise with eggs and chips which we all found amazing, despite the lack of seconds. QOTD: what did tom want to drop kick into the river? a) Corey b) a cockerel c) rice and beans. The answer to yesterdays question is cassava is a root vegetable but we did have giant wotsits as a treat. Night everyone, love Jade, Hannah, Becca J and Katie xxx


  1. Hi Anna can't wait to see you again soon! Newcastle played today against spurs... lost 2-0 with shelvey getting a red card 😭

  2. Hi everyone, bet it was difficult saying goodbye to all the people you've met and worked with over the last couple of weeks. And I'm sure they feel the same. Hope you're feeling so proud of yourselves for all that you've helped to achieve.
    On a different note, is this the night where you get to have a shower again?!
    Mr Pitts has posted the blog about Motet singing in church last week and sharing harmonies, on the Motet Facebook page, with a picture of you all in your Sunday Best. He sounds v proud.
    We can't wait to see you. Katie and hear all about the things you've done and seen.
    AP, A, Dan and Poppa have headed home and Nanna has arrived and she has been reading the blog too.
    Lots of love to everyone there, Mum, Dad Joe and Nanna xxxx

  3. Hi Team 2 ,
    It must have been sad saying goodbye to your friends .Hope you are going to enjoy the safari.Sheila sends her love Anu.Looking forward to seeing you soon .love mum and dad

  4. Great job everyone- you've certainly left your mark on Malawi and the village. Very proud of everyone concerned- will probably change your lives forever!

  5. Dear TGS2 (esp Anu!)

    There's the roof! It's like the final icing on the cake, isn't it? Enjoy the Safari.

    Aunt Judy