Saturday, 5 August 2017

Cementing, painting, and bricklaying

Hi everyone, as we began day 2 on project, jade was elected as best worker yesterday giving her the role of site foreman today, with dini as medic for the day by her side. Milana anu and Katie had the backbreaking task of mixing cement which resulted in Rachel having to give milana a deep tissue massage. We had some new jobs of painting and bricklaying today which were a favoured among everyone in the group. 

Tom Corey and bex made a lentil curry worthy if a Michelin star, which cleared everyone's plates even toms! We're looking forward to tomorrow's lie in to recover from today. Night from bex, dini and Charlotte. 
P.S. in answer to your question mother, my first taste of porridge was with golden syrup and let's say I couldn't stomach anymore this morning- Charlotte. 
PPS. Get out of my room- Corey. 

From Emily and jack (inspire leaders) to team 1: Hi Team 1, hope you're all settling back in OK and getting a very well deserved rest. Stevie visited the boy who's foot was injured and they've taken off the bandages. Underneath is almost fully healed with just a bit of scarring left. So thank you on behalf of his family for making sure it was noticed and got the medical treatment he needed. Hope you've continued with the rice and beans diet on your return


  1. Love you miss you really wANNA kiss you ❤️

  2. Hi all in team 2 wow it sounds as though you are making a lot of headway especially if there are some of you who are painting today! It is so wonderful to be able to follow your progress and share what you have all been doing.

    Charlotte I took Alfie to a puppy socialising class this morning and he loved it. Very quiet at first but soon found his feet and held his own. He soon had everyone falling totally in love with him too! On the bedroom front it doesn't matter what we put across the stairs he still seems to be able to scale it like the best mountaineer and find his way to your room to look for you xx

    I hope you all have a fantastic day tomorrow and can't wait to hear from you again.

    Go on Charlotte try the porridge again - you may like it better with jam 😀

    All my love Charlotte
    Mum and Alfie xxxxx

  3. Hannah hope you enjoy the lie in tomorrow, something you're brilliant at!
    Anyway, cricket update stumps on day 2. England all out for 362 after another innings save from Bairstow who made 99!
    In reply South Africa are a little on the ropes at 220/8. If Anderson can get one wicket tomorrow he'I'll have his first test FiveFor on his home ground. Btw Root's 50 was his tenth consecutive half century in test matches. Have a great day tomorrow! Dad

  4. Hi, glad you're all surviving! Congratulations to Jade. Love to Becca - I'm sitting on a sailing barge in Whitstable harbour thinking of you. There is apparently a small lunar eclipse due in Malawi 8pm +\- an hour or so on the 7th. Keep going ⛏⛏ love Becca's Dad

  5. Corey
    its Jenna
    my room has been attacked by mum... good luck
    Game of Thrones Season 1 done
    Good luck to Team 2 and I have heard about the "food situation" and the "air guitar rendition".
    Have fun!!
    - Jenna
    PS mum and dad say hi btw

  6. Well done for getting through a hard day at work and hope you all enjoy a restful 'lie in ' tomorrow. Sounds like you are making great progress .Glad to know you have added cement mixing to your skill set Anu could be very handy in the future :) .
    Mum and Dad.

  7. Becca - Sounds like you are having an amazing time. Several of the Academy students asked after you tonight. You were missed!
    Love Mum

  8. Good work Team 2! We like the idea of the Foreman's role going to the hardest worker, well done Jade. Looking forward to seeing more photos.
    Hey Megan - guess what? Someone parked in the hashed area at KHF ��.
    Lots of love, Mum, Dad and FJ ��

  9. Hello Team 2
    Sounds like all is going well on the project.Well done and keep going! Enjoy church today, its a fantastic experience. Love to all. Mrs A

  10. Sounds like you are all having a great time and doing a fantastic job. Very impressed Rach that you are giving massages. Hope you'll carry on giving them at home! Hannah and Charlotte are now back from Sri Lanka and have had an amazing time. We'll have a mammoth photo/video session when you are home. Sending you lots of love from all of us. Xx

  11. Hi everyone
    You really will come back with some useful and 'transferable' skills after your two weeks, keep up the hard work and remember to stand back and admire your efforts. Is Mr Ellis going to paint a mural? Hope you had a well earned day of rest today.

    Tom, lentil curry? Can't wait to be served that when you get home. Any sign of a football?

    Lots of love Dad, Mum and E xxx

    P.S Olivia has moved onto Budapest, M & T send hugs. Fish still good!

  12. Hi Bex, Tom and Corey- well done on the meal! you will have to try that one at home some time!!! Team 2 you are all doing a wonderful job and its so nice to see all the photos too. Missing you loads Bex... love mum xxx Saz and Jack send their love too.......!

  13. Hello TGS2 (esp. Anu!)

    Good to hear about the progress you're making. I didn't realize mixing cement would be tough but more power to you!

    PS. Anu, see if you can get that lentil curry recipe.

    Mafuna abwino!
    Aunt Judy

  14. Hope Milana, Anu and Katie's arms are enjoying the rest today, that church was interesting and that you got to sing. Now we know Katie can mix cement we can make plans for that extension. Another great Geography day on the Gower Katie where we had 'mixed' weather, ie a mix of drizzle, heavy and lighter rain. Missing you loads and proud of you. Dad, Mum and Joe xxxx

  15. Hannah, hope you had a good day's rest and looking forward to cracking on tomorrow! We have now swapped last week's torrential rain for 32C! The forecast for the next 4 days is for the temp overnight to go no lower than 24C! So stumps on day 3. England are 224/8, a lead of 360 runs. Root clean bowled on 49! Moeen has saved the day with 67no off 59 balls! 8 fours and 3 sixes! Have a great evening!