Sunday, 13 August 2017

Final day in Manyeje!

Watching the sunrise from the Wisdom Tree after around 40 minutes walking,  made the 5am start worth it. Having everyone silent and watching as the sun rise,  was a perfect start to the final day on project. 

Another hour later, we returned to our camp, with Docas and Ivy's porridge awaiting us. The morning mainly consisted of packing bags, cleaning the compound, puting finishing touches on the classroom and preparing for lunch with the village. 

somehow we managed to fit around 40 people into and around our compound, with each of us engaging and interacting with locals that we recognised from the villages. Several heated games of cards later,  with Milana definitely not living up to her sore loser award, definitely not, and Rachel absolutely smashing NORU (a Malawian card game taught us by the lovely builders), we went outside and began the closing ceremony. With Docas, our very own dancing Queen, leading us out, we gave our farewell speeches, with motet performing 'going up a yonder' and the group providing another spectacular rendition of Mamma Mia. The rest was filled with some amazing (if we say so ourselves) dancing with all the locals around the drums and singing. Probably one of the most unique experiences followed, with three traditional dancers coming out, and scaring the life out of Tom and myself (Corey). The dance was amazing, with lots of sand being kicked around. It isn't really something I can put into words, but I'm sure we will explain when we return. 

After several invasions from chickens (we assumed they were from chicken run) and a motorcycle, we all danced with the locals for around two hours. The dancing in Malawi is truly an amazing experience, and something we will keep with us forever.

Dinner was spaghetti bolognese, which was gratefully received and eaten. Mrs Twinham gave us a surprise (chocolate bars) as a congratulations did getting through the project. We are now getting ready for our final sleep, with a long drive ahead of us tomorrow. 

This is the final time we will stay in Manyenje village, and it is fair to say that we have all grown as individuals and closer as a team throughout this trip. We have all had a fantastic time, and have put every piece of energy we can into the classroom, and improving the lives of the amazing people here. The locals, the project and the people we have come out here with will make Manyenje village a place we will always treasure. 

The answer from yesterday's blog is all of the above. 

QOTD: Who was the best dancer? 

a) Corey
b) Rachel
c) Anu

good night x
From Corey, Rachel and Anu.


  1. Hi Team 2
    It sounds as though you have all had a life changing experience not only for the viliagers and children but yoursekves too. You should all be extremely proud of what you have achieved and the difference you have made.

    I hope you all sleep well and enjoy the next part of your journey together... another experience that will stay with you all throughout your lives.

    Charlotte I can't wait to see you on Thursday morning and I am sure Alfie will be extremely pleased to have you home to take him for walkies!

    Everyone take care, have fun and enjoy.

    All our love
    Carole and Alfie xxxxx

  2. So you're finally saying goodbye to the village - does it feel as if you're coming back to the real world, or leaving it?
    What can I say, very proud of you all. The trick will be to remember what you learned there when you are buried in life back here.
    Love to all.

  3. lovely blog... reflective writing!! 'grown as individuals & closer as a team' is very nice to hear... this wonderful experience will be something you all will cherish - very proud of the team (particularly Anu) enjoy the safari & look forward to hearing all the news on Thursday... xxx

  4. I agree with all the above. You have all done yourselves proud I am sure. Milana we can't wait to have you home. We have missed you. Sophia will especially need your tlc as she has had a nasty experience today at camping ending up in the burns unit. She will be okay but her summer won't be much fun x enjoy those last days on safari with your friends as you soak up these wonderful new experiences. Love mum xxxx

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  6. Hey Tom

    We know saying your goodbyes will be emotional anyway, so we're breaking your golden rule now to tell you that we are SO proud of you and what you have achieved, SO impressed by your perseverance and hard work, and SO looking forward to seeing you very soon. Well done on your contribution to what has clearly been a truly worthwhile and memorable project.

    Team 1 and Team 2 have been immense. TGS can rightly be really proud of you all. Enjoy your safari everyone, you deserve it.

    All our love and a big hug to Tom
    Mum, Dad, Olivia and Elsbeth xxx

    P.S Tom - First weekend of Football League!
    Arsenal, Man City and Spurs won. Chelsea lost at home to Burnley (down to 9 as 2 sent off)
    And wait for it ...Man U won 4-0 against West Ham going top of the table!

  7. Hi Jd
    Have been following the blog and loving the pictures - sounds like you're all having an amazing time. We're so proud of you, can wait to see you and hear all about it on Thursday.
    Enjoy the safari
    Love Mum,dad,Tobes,Roly and Myst xxxxx

  8. Sounds incredible - well done! You all really deserve your safari. What you have done over the last 10 days is truly inspirational. I am so proud of you all.

    Take care.

    Mrs D

  9. Hi Team 2
    Loved the blog. It sounds like an amazing experience and as everyone has already said you should be immensely proud of yourselves.
    Corey, I can imagine this has been a real eye opening experience and we are looking forward to hearing all. The fridge will be laden with goodies for your return! Enjoy the safari and your last days together.
    Dad will be there to collect you on Thursday (Corey - you told us to remind you..)
    Safe journey. Have fun!
    Mum, Dad and Jenna

  10. Hi Team 2, it sounds like you have ended your time in Manyeje in great style, and you must be so proud of all that you have achieved, the photograph of the roof going on in yesterdays blog looked very impressive, as did the painting in the classroom. Brilliant work one and all! Enjoy the safari and we are really looking forward to having you home and hearing all about the wonderful project. With love to you all, big hug to Megan (and Mrs T and Mr E) Mum, Dad & FJ Parkers and Hayes' send their love too.

  11. well done Mike/Mr Ellis. you have worked so hard all of you and you will miss the children in the village. But what a great achievement. Enjoy the safari. we're so pleased about Frances Lesley and Steve x

  12. Well done for all your hard work - really looking forward to hearing more about it when you get back.
    Love Becca's mum

  13. I think as a good teacher would state: "Learning objective achieved" is in order.

    The aim of this trip was to help the people of this village to accomplish something very difficult otherwise and for the TGS groups to experience what life is all about in one of the poorest parts of Africa. No internet (or at least little!), no phones, no TV. Just hard work, integration, understanding, learning and helping each other. I have no doubts that you Anna - together with Team 1 and 2 - will remember this expedition forever. Learning objective... achieved!
    We cannot wait to see you on Thursday evening and hear all about it. With much love from all in Italy xxxxx

  14. Hi Bex and Team 2 - its wonderful to see what you have achieved. We are all so proud of you- well done! Its sounds as though it was very emotional to leave the community that you have lived and worked among for the last almost 2 weeks..... I am so proud of your achievements and can't wait to see you Thursday Bex- love mum xxx

  15. Dear TGS2 esp Anu,

    Well done. So amazingly proud of what you achieved. It's true that when we give without expecting anything back, we receive more than we give.

    The picture of the sunrise sums it all. It's a thing of beauty just like what you did!

    Well done. Well done. Well done.

    I've totally loved being a part of your journey and I wish you all the best experiences in life.

    Reshma (Anu's mum), thanks for letting me a part of this! It's been amazing reading the blogs these past weeks!

    And keep the faith.
    Aunt Judy

  16. Dear All,
    Hope the journey was good with lots to see along the way. Must be shower time this evening..?! Hope the safari is as amazing as the rest of the trip has proved and that you were able to let some of the experiences and wisdom you've learned from others to sink in as you drive across the country.
    Treasure the last few days of this fantastic adventure. Tonbridge is missing you all -- the bunting will be out on Thursday morning Katie!
    lots of love to everyone,
    Mum, Dad, Joe and Nanna xxxx

  17. After reading about 3 and half of your blogs I have summised that Tom and Corey have the personalities of a wet sponge and an empty shoe rack. Stop trying to shove them down our throats like Vince does with Roman every week. It is clear to see that Anna is money and you refuse to give her a proper push. This means I am terminating my interest in this blog that lasted exactly 7 minutes and 34 seconds.