Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Final day of safari

Hi everyone,
We had another early start this morning so that we could start the boat safari as the animals arrived at the river to drink. many of us were already awake as we were nervously listening to all the elephants and hippos walking around us. 
We set off in two teams and consistently saw all types of animals like King fishers, hippos and crocodiles as the sun was rising. We all waited patiently to see if we would spot any elephants and finally in the last 10 minutes of the safari we found one. It definitely ended the tour on a high. 
After the safari, we had breakfast whilst sitting by the river where we all enjoyed having a full English breakfast. 
By 10.30am, we had all packed our suitcases and tents away. We had lunch at Packachere ans then went on a walk at the top of the Zomba Plateau to see the waterfalls. It was strange being in a completely different setting even though we were just a few hours away from Manyenje. 
Now we have all had our dinner and are relaxing before going to bed. 

The answer to yesterday's question of the day is: Rachel

Today's question of the day is: What food did the monkeys steal from Tom, Bex and Dini? 
1) sausage
2) muffin
3) toast

night from Malawi - we will be home soon! 

Love Team 2

P.S. Dini says Happy Birthday Meg from team 1

P.P.S. Hannah says Happy Birthday to her Dad


  1. A huge well done Team2!
    Safe travels to all
    Anna a presto xxxx

  2. hey Mils, hope you've had a great time, it looks like you've enjoyed it! Have a safe journey back and I'll see you soon.


  3. Ooh...what a fantastic ending to a fabulous trip. Home soon xxxx

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  5. Great day, great photographs (is that your right eye I can just about see in the middle of the first photo, Becca? Or are you hiding somewhere else?)
    Have a good trip back, see you soon!

  6. It looks so peaceful, wonderful pics to end a wonderful trip. Safe journey, see you very soon. Tom, we're assuming you got your passport back?

    Love Mum, Dad, Liv and Elsbeth xxx

  7. Safe journey all .see you soon Anu .lots of love Mum and Dad