Wednesday, 2 August 2017

First night in Malawi

Hi everyone, we've arrived now in Kabula lodge, Malawi, after a long exciting journey! Becca (Jeff's) first flight went well despite the fact no one got much sleep, Tom left his boarding pass and passport on the flight yet fortunately in the end we all succeeded in getting into the country. Upon arriving we squeezed into a minibus, filled up on biscuits and apples and got our first impressions of Malawi. This included cute little children, a chicken truck...., and pubs only selling Carlsberg (which we discovered was because it had signed a 100 year monopoly deal. ..). Before dinner we all voluntarily gathered to play a giant game of Uno and Spoons (card game). Our dinner was delicious, even by Tom's standards and we all polished our plates. We look forward to tomorrow, when we travel to the village and have a meal with everyone! 

P.S. message from Tom: remind Elsbeth to feed the fish. :)

Milana and Anu


  1. Good news Corey!
    You know we have a broken light in your room and on the landing – you know, it never goes out? And your bedroom curtains never close properly?
    Well – can you believe it. We went to bed last night with your lights off and curtains closed and – hallelujah - problem solved – the lights were still off in the morning and curtains closed!! We are calling in an electrician to make sure there are no problems with your electrics.
    Hope you are well. Don’t forget the malaria tablet (its food after all)
    Good luck to everyone, well done to all
    Mom & Dad

  2. You're there! It's finally real! Glad Becca survived the flight. Enjoy yourselves, do some good & look after each other. Love to all,
    Becca J's Dad
    (Sorry, for some reason I don't seem to be able to comment as anything other than "Becca".)

  3. Glad you have all arrived safely despite Tom's efforts to avoid porridge and rice?? Looking forward to hearing your news tomorrow

    PS: Tom, fish are alive and well :)

  4. Glad you all arrived safely. Miss you lots already Anna


  5. To TGS2 (esp. Anu!)
    This is so exciting! When are you going to start building the bricks?!
    Where is Tom's passport. Did he get it back?
    And as they say in Malawi. Tazucka bwino and have a fabulous day!

    Aunt Judy

  6. That's good news you've arrived without too many mishaps. Rach, it felt weird having you so far away in Malawi, Hannah in Sri Lanka and only Ben home. Have a fabulous time and the memories you make in the next 2 weeks you'll be still talking about when you are Dad and my age! Have a great day. Xx

  7. So pleased to hear that you are already working as a team, good call on the playing cards Megan. Hope you are using Uno to practice the local language. Looking forward to seeing your building progress, enjoy your first working day. Lots of love to you all, big hug for Megan (and Mrs T) Mum, Dad & Flapjack

  8. Glad you had a safe trip , have a great time out there , be good Mrs T (miss u) X

  9. Good morning everyone.
    Charlotte it seems really quiet at home without you and Alfie keeps looking upstairs and crying for you... it is going to be a long 2 weeks for him and me.
    I hope you all managed to get a good night's sleep and your trip to the village goes well.
    Good luck everyone.
    Miss you charlotte!x
    Love mum and Alfie xxx

  10. Glad you reached safely. Have fun & make memories!!

  11. Hannah
    Great to hear you arrived safely. Have a great time and what I'm sure will be a memorable experience!

  12. Glad to hear you have all survived the Journey .Missing you loads Anu .Hope you have a lovely time ther .Love Mum and Dad

  13. Hi team 2, so glad to hear you are there safely and settling in well. We are all so proud of you and the work you are going to do. You're going to make a difference to a lot of people, and have an amazing experience to boot!
    Love, Mrs Sharp xx

  14. Dear Bex- I hope you got my message from yesterday... Sounds as though you have had an exciting first day...... all the best ... missing you loads love mum x

  15. Go Team 2 - what a fantastic trip this will be, cannot wait to hear all about it on your return Anna. Everyone on the beach in Italy talking about the Malawi adventure (most asking to show them where it is you are on the map!) Work hard, learn hard and have lots of fun.
    Cannot wait for 17th...
    Love from all in Italy xxxxx

  16. Dear Everyone and especially Katie, so glad you are there and raring to go. Hope you got our message from the pre-trip blog. We are missing you very much and super excited for you all at once. Love you (that bit's just for Katie!) Mum, Dad and Joe xxx

  17. Hi Everyone, Glad that you all arrived safe. Make great memories and enjoy every moment of the trip.

    Nandini, Tia is having a good time raiding your wardrobe and we are all missing you. Remember to take your malaria tablets. Lots of love, Mummy, Daddy, Best Sister in the world, Barney and Lola xxx

  18. Happy to hear that all is well so far for team 2. So now the real work will begin..but for so worthy a cause. As milana reminded me not so long ago it's not so much a holiday as a humanitarian mission and we are all super proud of you all for taking part. And I am sure you will have fantastic memories at the end of it. House is strange without you though milana and we will be happy to have you home x mum and dad Johannes x

  19. Hi everyone! I'm Alice and I am Anna Marshall's friend. Anna qui a Massa fa sempre più caldo, tanto che mi è venuto il raffreddore. Spero che tu stia bene e spero tanto che possiate aiutare tanti ragazzi. Mi manchi tanto, e non vedo l'ora che ritorni qui così possiamo fare il bagno al mare. Spero che leggano questo messaggio in italiano!! See u in Italy my crazy friend Anna and have lots of fun in Malawi