Thursday, 10 August 2017

How many trees!?

Hi everyone, 

Fried egg sandwiches for breakfast were the highlight of our morning, a nice break from porridge, with Charlotte managing to deep fry an egg shell. This morning we managed to finish planting the trees around the village, a staggering total of over 450 trees which will make a massive difference to the village, not only structure for the ground but also nutrition for the locals. We also completed the sign that will go up on the finished classroom, decorated with both team 1 and 2s handprints, not forgetting Jack, Emily, Ivy, Docas and Stevie, who we couldn't do this project without. This afternoon everyone was given the opportunity of home visits where we visited two local families, allowing us to gain insight to their culture and way of life. It was a particularly eye-opening and emotional experience, making everyone appreciate how lucky we are but also appreciating the uplifting resilience of the locals. Tonight we're enjoying an aubergine and sweet potato curry, practically fine dining! We'll be getting an early night to recover from the hard work done today. 

Night from Malawi from Bex, Dini and Charlotte. 

P.S. We're all thinking of you Alex and you're definitely here in spirit (we put your handprint in the sign as you're part of team 2 with us :))

Today's question:
Who can carry the most bricks?
a) Corey
b) Jade
c) Charlotte

Answer for yesterday's question: Corey made the most children cry


  1. Hi Bex, Dini and Charlotte.... well done on planting so many trees! So lovely to hear about your time with the families and to see all the pictures. Bex's mum x

  2. hope you're having the best time!! miss it so much already !! If you see Gift tell him hey from me xx

  3. Lovely photos .well done for planting all the trees - definitely a legacy for the future.
    Missing you loads and can't wait to hear all the news soon .mumand dad x

  4. Planting trees makes the project even more worthwhile; something you did that will remain there forever, hopefully. Well done Team 2. Looking forward to hearing about more progress tomorrow evening. Nice to see you are wearing the "Impossible to Clone" T-shirt Anna :-) Missing you... Love from all in Italy xxx

  5. Hi Team 2. Lovely to see how you are progressing the projects. So proud of you all and touched by how you are thinking of us in the UK. What great young people you are, be proud of yourselves.. I am. Xx Mrs Hull
    PS send pictures of Flora,s classroom .

  6. Hi Team 2
    I really can't believe the number of trees you have planted. That really is back breaking work and I can see why a massage may be in order for your return - charlotte I will get one on order for your return.

    Your food sounds amazing... apart from the porridge which I am guessing isn't getting any better? Perhaps it is an acquired taste!

    Enjoy your last few days in the village and you should all feel extremely proud of yourselves for the difference you are making to the lives of those in the village.

    Charlotte I miss you and Alfie will be waiting with his lead for a. Walk when you get home :-)

    All my love
    Mum (Carole) xx

  7. Dear TGS2 (esp Anu),

    450 trees!!!!

    Move aside Ironman, Thor, Superman....... Flash.... Spiderman.... Black Panther.... Black Widow.... Wonderwoman (scratch that. I love Wonderwoman!) But yeah, move aside superheroes! You're no match for TGS2 (esp. Anu!)

    Lovely pics!

    Keep the faith and Mukhale ndi tsiku labwino!

    Aunt Judy

  8. Hi
    Jenna here, its raining here if that's any interest to you.
    Nice hat...?
    How many more buckets of water have you carried since the last count of 27?
    Bye - we're going to ikea so fun fun fun
    Hope everyone is enjoying themselves and GO TEAM 2!!
    Mum and Dad send their love
    - Jenna

  9. Well done Team 2. You're doing amazing work. Keep going you're on the final stretch now. Love seeing the pictures. Mrs A

  10. Hi everyone

    We love reading your latest updates Team 2 - that's a huge number of trees to plant... Keep up the hard work!

    Hey Tom, Nan has sent round some laurels for planting and we know just the person for the job! More news from here - tank at 94%! Good job by Elsie. Showed K some pictures. Kate has set off on bike with trailer and rescue dog in tow (fortunately). Only 2700 km to go to London. You two will have some great experiences to share...

    Love Mum, Dad, Olivia and Elsbeth xxx

    PS Hope you ate the aubergine and sweet potato curry. Sounds delicious

  11. Dear team 2 and Anu , Loving your blog. Awesome work ! You deserve fried egg sandwiches! And more! Love - Roshni

  12. Hi Team 2, this household unanimously declared Jade had to be the answer to the QOTD! Fantastic work with the trees and we like the sound of the aubergine and sweet potato curry too. Very quite here today, weather very poor, looking forward to having you home Megan. Big hugs to all of you. Mum, Dad and FJ xxx

  13. That's so sweet everyone, thank you :) Keep going, you're all doing amazing, sending lots of love Xxx

  14. Hi everyone, it's finally stopped raining here !!
    Thank you for the lovely pictures and messages you are sending and well done for planting all those trees . What type of trees are they , fruit ?
    Hope you can keep them watered .
    Keep up the good work and see you in a few day SAM .
    Luke said hi xxx

  15. Dear Everyone, great news on the trees - what a fantastic thing to leave behind in addition to the classrooms and the memories the village will have of you all.
    What type of trees are they and do you have any pix of them? Do you think the village will give the wood you've planted a name? If so, might the villagers consider something that combines you and them? We wondered about incorporating 'Leas' as in Deakin(!) but we looked it up and it means grassland or arable - unhelpful!
    Hope you can cherish the next little while as you get ready to say goodbye to your new friends. All your old friends (and family) can't wait to have you back!
    Love to all and extra special hugs to Katie,
    Mum, Dad and Joe xxx

  16. Hi All, a fantastic job on planting the trees - what a great legacy! You have all achieved so much during the last week or so - awesome! Curry sounds delicious by the way!
    Hannah, AJ has had best homemade iced tea ever! Uncle Rob went diving off the boat yesterday - speedos made a comeback!!
    Missing you loads and looking forward to seeing you soon.
    Lots of love, Mum & Dad, AJ & Uncle R xxxx

  17. Ps love Julia's idea of naming the wood - I feel a joint TOGS and Joshua Trust brain storm coming on!

  18. That's about 30 trees each isn't it? Impressive. It's hard to remember, or even realise, how much we have, so your visits are a great piece of perspective for all of us. Love to all, keep it up!

  19. That's amazing! Well done everyone.

  20. just a thought for next year- set up a Solar farm and Windmill to generate power for the entire village?