Wednesday, 16 August 2017

*IMPORTANT* Good news everyone!

The team made it onto their connecting flight, and will be landing in London just 45 minutes behind schedule, at 07.15 am. The flight number is SA234, if anyone would like to track it. Below is a message from Mrs Twinam and Mr Ellis:

Dear parents and friends,

You are never going to believe but we have made it to the connecting flight. The students are amazing but very tired! Sprinting through the airport was not on my itinerary! Mike and I are so proud of them :)

See you in the morning at Sainsbury's, please track the flight for any changes.

Mrs Twinam & Mr Ellis


  1. Wow. Amazing, well done everyone!!!!!!!!

  2. so happy- see you tomorrow Team 2! Bex's mum

  3. Well done everyone, have a safe flight. See you tomorrow. Dini's mum

  4. Can't believe it. I was praying for a delay .. x

  5. Well done everyone. A real sprint finish!
    Can't wait to see you Charlotte.
    All my love.
    Mum xxx Carole oh and Alfie xx

  6. Hi Corey

    At Sainsburys please look out for Jenna! She is your meet and greet. Look forward to seeing you when I get home.

    Well done all.


  7. They landed just before 8. Not helped by having to do a "go around"! So say an hour to get out of the airport and an hour to get round m25?

  8. Dear all, news is that ETA is 11 at Sainsburys, M25 permitting.
    It's been so lovely to get to know you all a little through the blog and hearing about your own summers.
    All best wishes and see you soon,
    Julia x

  9. A huge HIP HIP HURRAY for Mrs T. and Mr E. for their support through this wonderful trip. Thank you!!