Friday, 4 August 2017

Let's get to it...

Hi guys! 

We can't believe we're already 4 days in! It was an early start this morning - especially since Mrs Twinham kept us up! We're hoping the porridge will get better. 
The first day of the project began with a brick line where we were assisted by the local children - although they were less than impressed with our singing. Team 1 - we seriously appreciate your work - it's all so difficult (although Jade and Mr Ellis have beaten Anna's ground stomping record with 1000 stomps). We've discovered that Dokas' mandazis (like savoury doughnuts) are incredible.
After a break we went back to work - smashing the blackboard was definitely a favourite job!
The kids were very helpful - both passing us bricks and looking after newly born goats. 
Dinner was not rice but mashed potato, which Ed a nice change! 
Love Anna, Tom and Megan. (P.S. mum I'm okay, Tom)

Answer from yesterday's question - the name of the Lizard is KP. 

Question of the day. 
who ate the most mandazis? 
A) Corey
B) Tom
C) Anu


  1. The children seem so sweet! Miss you anna... you'll be glad to know Sunderland are losing as I write this 😂

  2. Hi Corey and all of Team 2.

    Please forgive us for saying but as we finally were able to eat a sausage roll from the fridge (as Corey had not got there first) our answer to the question would be Corey ate the most mandazis. The photos are great, well done all for your hard work today. I do hope the gloves were helpful Corey (if you could find them in your bag).

    Jenna is home tomorrow (UK has been rainy and sunny this week for her camp).

    Take care. Keep going Team 2. Mum and Dad

  3. I'm sure you'll rise to the hard work as you have to everything else! Good stomping. Lots of love Becca, keep it up xx Dad (sorry I seem to be called Becca again, thought I'd sorted that)

  4. I vote for Anu! The blogs are definitely awesome & the photographs of the work related stuff is really amazing. Very proud of the team (esp Anu!!). Dad from mum's account 😎

  5. Well done everyone! Loving the pics & blog. Mr Ellis you will be pleased to know that the living room decorating is under way, & so far no plants have died. Miss you. Em & the 4-paws xxx

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  7. hi Megan and Team 2. Great to hear you've finally started work, good luck with setting new stomping records. if your audience is less appreciative of your singing you should give them a burst of Happy Land - a winner every time ;-)
    Keep up the excellent blog and pics. Dad (from Mum's account, in Cornwall!)

  8. Hannah, sounds like you've had a great start to the project. Keep up the good work! And just in case this isn't getting through, stumps on day one of the 4th test, England are 260/6 with half centuries from root and stokes, who else? Keep well! Dad

  9. Hi Anu and team! Great going & proud of you! Hold on tight (in the toilet!) Love- Cutlet!

  10. Hi Anu and friends.Very interesting and entertaining blogs.Makes us feel part of the adventure.Great to see you all having a good time, working hard.Take care. Anu's grandparents.

  11. Hi Sam (Mrs T) and team , looks like the conditions aren't to bad for you and the food sounds nice , savoury donuts mmmm !
    The concrete path looks good too.
    G xx

  12. Just had a thought... Now that the team are becoming such good builders perhaps, Anna, we could take advantage of your new skills and you could project manage our little extension in the garden? :-) Keep up the fantastic work everyone. Glad the food is better than expected, everyone is really nice and the team work seems excellent. We look forward to seeing photos every day.. keep on posting, please! Love from all in Italy xxx

  13. The donuts sound delicious! Hope they gave you plenty of energy for today's hard work and that you can see the progress you are all making. Katie, we are on The Gower and last night stumbled across a pub with karaoke - don't worry, Joe wouldn't let me sing(!) but Theophile did a brilliant version of 'Fly me to the Moon' by Frank Sinatra and made the whole place cheer. Dad is remembering lots of Geography stories - he will save them to share with you. The sun is shining but not as much as in Malawi I suspect. We miss you Katie. Make good choices! Love Mum, Dad and Joe xxx

  14. Hey everyone! So exciting to hear you're all having a great time, keep working hard and make us all proud it'll be so worth it in the end! Miss you all lots and please keep treating stevie ivy dokas and the builders like gems.
    lots of love Amelia xxxx
    P.s I have no idea what my google name is so this could be embarrassing but keep smashing it

  15. Doubt it's Tom that ate the most mandazis, on the other hand when he finds something he likes (chocolate) there's no stopping him. Hoping, Tom, you gave them a try!! Perhaps they will prove another life changing experience...Great to see more pictures of the project, looking forward to seeing more progress and reading Team 2's latest blog later tonight...

    Love Mum, Dad and Elsbeth xxx ( all fine on the fish front)

  16. Hey everyone. Finally got decent mobile signal to let me comment! You are doing so well already and making fantastic progress. My boys love hearing all the stories on your blogs - so keep them coming... I suspect Corey is the guilty one. What you are doing out in Malawi is inspirational- I'm proud of you all. Mrs D xx