Sunday, 6 August 2017

Malawian fun and games

After a well deserved lie- in, much to our delight we woke up to fried egg sandwiches in the place of porridge. We were given colourful chitenges (sarongs) and began to get ready for church. Church in Malawi is much different to the church at home, with the service being passionate, inspirational and lively. Full of singing, drumming and dancing (Charlotte got down). Motet gave us a lovely rendition of 'The Storm' and 'O holy night' which the locals enjoyed so much they asked is to teach them how we harmonise (shout out to Mr pitts). 
We had a more chilled afternoon and even had the opportunity to wash our underwear, except for Tom and Corey who left the girls to wash their boxers. 
We got down to some serious bartering with some local craftsmen who put together a small market for us in our compound. The highlight of the market was definitely Yung's paintings (a local artist). They were so beautiful and he was so modest and asked for very low prices. We bought a game called Bao (like mancala) in which we battled each other after we'd been taught how to play (the score stands at Milana & Corey: 2, Tom & Jack: 0). We were lucky to meet a British nurse who works in Malawi as a volunteer running clinics to help some children who area in poverty. We got to see a real life examination of a local child who had a rather large hernia, which Daisy spotted. We gave the family 1000 Kwacha (£1) which they didn't have, so they could take their child to the local hospital, it was very moving. We then had drumming lessons and dancing, which was very confusing and made is all dizzy followed by playing with the children. side note - kids really like balloons, steamers and bubbles. 
SPAG BOL surprise. Dinner was well received and a nice welcomed change. 
For many, today has been the highlight of the trip so far, but we look forward to the next week. 
P.S. Happy birthday Sally, from Megan, Sammy T and Team 2.

P.P.S. When Anna says 30 seconds she means 10 minutes 

P.P.P.S. We invented a blaspheming/swearing game to prevent us from offending the local community, in which if you swear or blaspheme you have to collect a bucket of water from the borehole and bring it back to the compound. 

P.P.P.P.S. Also had our hairs braided. and Ivy can do everything!

QOTD: Who has brought back the must buckets so far? comment below! 

Answer from yesterday: Tom ate the most mandazis

Love Anna, Daisy and Milana.


  1. What a fantastic day! Everyone looks happy and you're clearly making a difference! The photo of you all in your sarongs looks brilliant!
    Keep it up!

  2. Hey Team 2,
    Looks like you are all doing an amazing job so far!! Bex - missing you lots, I'm there in spirit, love to you all Xxx

  3. Milana and Becca, Missing you guys a whole lot. So proud of you both, excited to hear about what else you get up to. Keep doing what you're doing, Love you :) From Isy xx

  4. Hi Team 2
    The adventure continues. As Jenna said to us, Corey would be playing the drums next to someone in a Liverpool shirt!
    Corey, I do so hope you are doing your own washing....
    Glad you all had such a lovely day today - Keep going all.
    Corey - we are all missing you - we venture into your room tomorrow...
    Mum, Dad and Jenna

    PS. Grandma and Grandad and Nanny say hi!

  5. The photos are lovely and it sounds like you have all had a very happy day -lots of smiling faces.we miss you loads Anu .keep up the good work.
    Love mum and dad x

  6. I love the chitenges, do you get to keep them?! Great photos, everyone looks happy. Mr.Ellis, we have a MASSIVE spider living behind our washing machine. I'm not saying you need to come back from Malawi to deal with it, but just know that the situation is far from ideal. Otherwise, everything back home is grand. Lots of love from Em, the 4-paws, & your mum (who is reading this) xxx

  7. What do I say? Thanks for the blogs, they really bring it alive. I would love to have heard the church service, really nice that you could bring something of your own to it through Motet. Great photos, particularly the third one down! Love you loads Becca. A great day, now keep up the good work!
    Jonathan J

  8. Dear Megan, Mrs T and Team 2, so lovely to hear about your day and see pictures of your lovely smiling faces. So enjoying your blog and very pleased that you were able to help the local family.
    Thank you too for your birthday wishes. We have spent the day in style spray paining the shed. The weather conditions were such that we ended up with a tan to rival the dancers from Strictly. with love to you all, but especially Megan. Mum, Dad & FJ, (who is struggling with the steps and needs us to build him a ramp). XXX

  9. Hi Team 2
    Thanks for the photos and blog, there was so much going on today which we really enjoyed hearing about. Did Tom and Corey get some hair braiding? Actually there's not much scope with Corey's new hair cut and Tom looks like he has his own makeshift thing going on from the pics! At least he left his hat (that's the one you haven't met) at home...
    Tom, we can't quite believe you ate the most Mandazis. Well done you! And not washing your own boxers? No comment ...

    Have a good day tomorrow

    Lots of love Mum, Dad and Elsbeth xxx

  10. Hi Daisy, loving the daily updates and photos, we all miss you loads xxxxxx

  11. Hey Team 2, thank you for updating us daily through the blog.. it has become the highlight of the day for the family to gather around and see what you have been up to! Anna... obviously picking up mum's habits! Glad to hear you are all enjoying your stay, including traditions and food as well as working hard. Looking forward to hearing your stories first hand Anna... Love from all at the beach. xxxx

  12. Missing you anna!! I've got you some fluff for when you get back x

  13. Missing you a lot Katie, but looks like you're having an amazing time! On our way to Cornwall now, you're going to have a little more sun than us. Love from Joe, Mum and Dad (but mostly Joe)

  14. Hi Mrs T (Sam X)
    Sorry for the radio silence, not been able to get any blogs off you since Friday!😟
    Looks like you are all having a amazing time and eating loads of great food ( sneaky colmans mix yet ? ) ☺️
    Spag Bol and curry , it's alright for some !
    Mlssing u here , but I been busy . I have built our scratch n sniff map frame and also hung up the horses head .Tank said hi from somewhere in the garden.
    By the way , big thank you for the big red bag full of everything I like xxxxx
    Love u lots Sam , speak soon from G,L,J &C xx

  15. Hi Team 2
    The blog is amazing and it is wonderful to share each day with you. I imagine that after a more relaxing day yesterday your early morning call today was tough. Keep up the good work and feel proud of the difference you are all making.

    Alfie went for his first walk today Charlotte and even when let off the lead was good as gold at coming back when called. I am sure you will have some wonderful walks with him when you get back. Xx

    Lots of love
    Mum and Alfie xxxx

  16. Dear all, great blog posts. I miss Malawi very much (having visited in 2014) so it's lovely to see the progress which is being made and some familiar faces like Stevie! Church was one of my favourite aspects of my visit but sadly it collapsed in the cyclone the year after my visit. I hope they have managed to repair it well. Lots of love to Mr E and Mrs T and well done to you all, Miss Johnson xxx

  17. Hi Bex- blue suits you. Glad the curry was well prepared. Do that back in Tunbridge for me? How many bricks have you made? How long does it take to make a brick? Hope pure really enjoying the trip. Love Dad xx