Thursday, 3 August 2017

Mama mia!

After 36 hours of being awake we finally awoke from the best 10 hours sleep of our life. We then had a relaxed breakfast of baked beans, sausages, omelette and pancakes. After the coach finally, finally arrived we got on our way to the village tailed all the way by a procession of African children collected from the villages we drove through. Road or roller coaster? Was the question of the day. After several 45 degree tilts we arrived. The Welcome was incredible filled with dancing, singing and smiling faces rendering us speechless. The accommodation is better than we thought with everyone settling and the girl's making their room a mess. The whole village came together for our welcome lunch, the food was amazing. 
But the culture difference is a shock due to obvious patriarchal influence, and absences of normalities to us in a western society. After lunch we performed our block buster rendition of don't stop me now featuring life changing air guitar solos from Tom and Corey and the highest pitch you will ever hear don't stop me now sung. The locals outshone is completely with their Malawian songs, which we all joined in on with our brilliant dancing. We played with the kids, teaching them all the different ways to do a handshake. cards is becoming a common theme throughout, with every bit of spare time being filled with Spoons and irish snap (which Corey cannot play).
Anu fell in the toilet (nearly)(unfortunately). We are writing this blog entry post dinner, unable to move, due to the amount of nice food we had. Now we're going to bed, anxious to start project work tomorrow. 
Anu, Corey and Rachel
question: what did Tom name the Lizard?
hint - it's a famous South African


  1. What a wonderful welcome you all had! so lovely to see all the great pictures... I can only imagine the singing from the boys!!! missing you Bex mum xx

  2. Hope you are all enjoying so far! Miss you anna x

  3. Wow, looks & sounds fantastic. Jealous. Thanks for the pictures, which bring it to life. Have a good first day working. Love to Becca, and everyone.
    Jonathan J

  4. Brilliant to see the photos, and excellent blog writing - you are painting a fantastic picture for us. See you gained a couple of cheeky new group members. Have a fun day tomorrow, more big hugs for Megan, keep singing and dancing. lots of love Mum, Dad & FJ xx
    PS did Tom call the lizard Nelson?

  5. Looks like you are all having an amazing time except for nearly falling in the toilet Anu!!. Enjoying the blog and photos .Hope the day of working goes well .Missing you loads Anu . x

  6. Use your gloves today milana x

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  8. The highlight of my day is reading your fabulous blog posts! Sounds like you are all having fun and have had a very warm and friendly welcome. Good luck today. X

  9. Go Daisy x Love from Mum and Dad and George and Jaffy

  10. Dear Team 2. so glad to hear your adventure has started well. It is truly a life changing experience for you and the village of Manyenje. I have a challenge and request for you all.... Please create a lovely classroom for my new friend Flora. I can't wait to see your progress during the next two weeks. Love to you all. Mrs Hull

  11. Hi all. Wonderful blog - such a vivid picture. Hope the project work goes well. Corey/Tom we have checked the date for the next "air guitar championships" and they are in Finland at end of August ......It's great to see you all so happy.

    Well done to all! Corey (in case you are wondering your bandana is with me in front of the tv!). Hope you are managing to find all your stuff in your bag.

    Love Mum and Dad (and Jenna - coming back tomorrow).

  12. Hey Tom
    Loving the blog and being able to get a real sense of your adventure. What an experience ... who needs scuba diving?? Looking forward to seeing the building project pix and progress being made. Great to see you all looking so happy and relaxed. Work hard Team 2 and enjoy!

    Love Mum, Dad and Elsbeth xxx

    PS: O cycled round most of Amsterdam and has moved onto Frankfurt (by train not bike!)

    PPS: Fish tank update - Ammonia levels down to 0.5 from 10!!

    PPS: Please leave Nelson behind!!!

  13. Great blogging -- you've really given us a flavour of the place. Hope today's gone well and that you are becoming excellent brickies already. Will Mr Pitts recruit the boys for Motet backing do you think? Not sure it's quite Westminster Cathedral material, but maybe next year's Foundation Day..?! We miss you Katie. Have a wonderful time everyone, lots of love, Mum, Dad and Joe xxx

  14. Hi all
    So wonderful to see the photos and you all look so happy.
    How was the porridge this morning charlotte and did you mix some jam in with it?
    I hope your day goes well and can't wait to see what you have all been up to later on the blog.
    Have fun. Love
    Carole and Alfie xxx

  15. To TGS2 (esp. Anu!)

    What a wonderful post to read at the end of a day which I spent in a corporate jungle and battling traffic snarls. Cannot wait for more updates.

    You guys are living the true "Man's search for meaning" which includes all experiences including nearly falling into the toilet (emphasis on nearly!!!)

    Keep the faith!
    Aunt Judy

  16. hope you guys are having a good time and jack and emily have already informed you they prefer our team and if not i hope they hurry up and do that. ps miss u mucho bex !!
    some love,
    phoebe t