Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Plastering and the feeding centre

Today was more painting and plastering for half of the team in the morning. The other half of us visited the feeding centre for children aged 3-5 about 30 minutes walk from the compound. We collected a cluster of children along the way. While also visiting the bore hole from which our cooking water is collected (makes the beans taste better!). The children at the feeding centre were very excited to see us, and even happier for their bowl of maize.
The afternoon was spent plastering and tree planting. We've made really good progress on the plastering of the new classroom and the painting of the old classroom is finished! Dinner was chapatis and soya mincemeat which was really lovely. 

AOTD - Mr Ellis pole danced after dinner

QOTD - Who made the most children cry at the feeding centre by looking at them? 

a) Corey
b) Megan
c) Anna B

Blog by Megan and Tom

P.S. Can you water the bonsai tree? From Tom
P.P.S. book Charlotte, Milana, Jeff and Katie a massage
P.P.P.S Corey and Tom's mums can you buy pita bread


  1. Ok I will get my message couch out for any takers. Mummy j

  2. Hi team 2, it's Alex W. I'm glad you're having an amazing time - all the photos look fab!!! Good luck with assassin- it put me on edge for the whole of the trip (TRUST NO ONE- even Stevie was roped in getting me out). Missing you guys, lots of love xx

  3. Missing you so much Anna M!! Can't wait to see you next week ❤️

  4. Dear TGS2 (esp. Anu!),

    I am so pleased about the progress you're making! And so happy that tree planting is included in the agenda. Tomorrow is in good hands!

    "The true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit."

    AOTD: Megan?

    Keep the faith!
    Aunt Judy

  5. Hi to Mr Ellis's pole dance! lovely to see the amazing progress, the photos and blue skies... we miss you a lot Anu. look forward hearing all about. Week to go. Reshma & Manu

  6. Hi all

    Thank you for sharing the photos. Love the smiling faces. Corey is your hat now a feature to stay when you walk around Tonbridge?

    Yes - we can provide Pita Bread.

    Keep it all - well done - gardeners and builders!

    Weather yesterday - yes it rained ( V hard).

    Mum, Dad and Jenna

  7. Dear Team 2, we find it hard to believe that any of those mentioned made the children cry! Looks like you are all having such fun with them. Hope the little tot behind Mr Ellis got to look at her picture too. Wonderful pictures and lots of smiley faces. Brilliant! Katie, we've introduced your family to 2 new games - Rummikub and Bananagrams, beware, Joe is pretty proficient already. Lots of love to you all and keep up the wonderful blog writing, we are really enjoying it. Big hug Megan, btw FJ went down the steps to Porthcurnick beach yesterday - it was pretty scary to watch, but proves that he is only pretending that he can't do stairs. Mum, Dad & Flapjack

  8. Love the photos, particularly the third one! Your weather looks very different from ours, which is currently mostly rain. Miss you Becca, good luck with the plastering xx Dad

  9. PS massage booked Becca xx Dad

  10. Hello Team 2 and Dini ..
    Well done for plastering and gardening. I could use your new skills on your return:-)
    Have a super time learning and making memories. Love you . Mummy and daddy and tia xxx

  11. Hi Tom, the bonsai tree is growing well, I hope the trees you are planting there will do the same. It is a lovely thing to have done. Who knows maybe you'll return one day to see the forest you will all have created. Request for pitta bread noted. BTW, was it the netball match today?

    Love Mum, Dad, Elsbeth and Olivia!!! Xxx

    P.s. Hope you're having a great time, love Liv x

  12. Hi Katie and everyone - gorgeous pictures of Team 2, the children and the landscape. Looks like you are a popular crowd! I think it might have been Corey's hat that caused the tears..? Surely not any of your faces?!
    Joe and I are back home now Katie, after being well and truly beaten by Megan's Mum and Dad in every game played - with the possible exception of Cornish Pasty consumption. Oh, and we did pretty well on cream teas.
    Wonderful to see your smiling face in the pictures, Katie. Hope you are all enjoying every minute.
    Lots of love, Mum, Dad and Joe - who says to tell you that he is missing you. As are we all - very much.

  13. Oh no Mr.Ellis so it was you that pole danced! Hope everyone isn't scarred from that. Me & your mum really like the photo of you with all the kids. Expect they were fascinated by your camera, which you will have loved! 2nd giant spider in kitchen last night. I ordered a log burner today. Also, it has rained so much that you can rest assured your garden is safe from my neglect. Lots of love, Em Xxx