Thursday, 17 August 2017

Latest arrival

Hello all!

The team landed and collected bags, grabbed a snack, and are en route to Sainsbury's! ETA - 11.00hrs.

They look remarkably fresh! 

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

*IMPORTANT* Good news everyone!

The team made it onto their connecting flight, and will be landing in London just 45 minutes behind schedule, at 07.15 am. The flight number is SA234, if anyone would like to track it. Below is a message from Mrs Twinam and Mr Ellis:

Dear parents and friends,

You are never going to believe but we have made it to the connecting flight. The students are amazing but very tired! Sprinting through the airport was not on my itinerary! Mike and I are so proud of them :)

See you in the morning at Sainsbury's, please track the flight for any changes.

Mrs Twinam & Mr Ellis

*IMPORTANT* Flight delay update

Hi all,

The team is due to land in Jo'burg in 10 minutes time. Their onward flight is delayed by approximately 45 minutes (scheduled to depart 2045 SA time), so it is possible the team may still make this flight. If they do make this flight, it is scheduled to land at 07.15 tomorrow morning, at London Heathrow Terminal 2.

Mrs Twinam will be updating us as soon as she knows one way or the other - I will of course pass this information on to you all through this blog.

All the best,

Josh, Beth, and all at Inspire Worldwide

*IMPORTANT* Flight delay

Please see below from Mrs Twinam. 
Dear parents and friends, just to keep you updated, our flight has been cancelled and we are currently camped in the departure hall of Blantyre airport. Everyone in good spirits and making friends, we have been advised we are flying tonight at some point (no details as yet). Will miss our connection in J.berg. As we have more information we will pass it on. 
Speak soon 
Mrs Twinam & Mr Ellis

The team have departed Blantyre

Dear faithful followers of TGS Team 2,

The team have checked in and boarded their flight to Johannesburg, and their flight details are below.

I will be at the airport to meet the team tomorrow morning (with a bald head, a big beard, and wearing a bright blue Inspire Worldwide t-shirt) so please do come and say hello if you are also at the airport!

It's been a pleasure keeping up with the team through their trials and triumphs. Jack and Emily, the Inspire leaders, tell me they have had a great time with both TGS teams, and that they have worked incredibly hard and achieved great things in Manyenje. You should all be very proud of them!

All the best,


Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Final day of safari

Hi everyone,
We had another early start this morning so that we could start the boat safari as the animals arrived at the river to drink. many of us were already awake as we were nervously listening to all the elephants and hippos walking around us. 
We set off in two teams and consistently saw all types of animals like King fishers, hippos and crocodiles as the sun was rising. We all waited patiently to see if we would spot any elephants and finally in the last 10 minutes of the safari we found one. It definitely ended the tour on a high. 
After the safari, we had breakfast whilst sitting by the river where we all enjoyed having a full English breakfast. 
By 10.30am, we had all packed our suitcases and tents away. We had lunch at Packachere ans then went on a walk at the top of the Zomba Plateau to see the waterfalls. It was strange being in a completely different setting even though we were just a few hours away from Manyenje. 
Now we have all had our dinner and are relaxing before going to bed. 

The answer to yesterday's question of the day is: Rachel

Today's question of the day is: What food did the monkeys steal from Tom, Bex and Dini? 
1) sausage
2) muffin
3) toast

night from Malawi - we will be home soon! 

Love Team 2

P.S. Dini says Happy Birthday Meg from team 1

P.P.S. Hannah says Happy Birthday to her Dad

Monday, 14 August 2017

A well deserved safari

After hearing Tom's recount of his 'interesting' dreams at 4.58am, we awoke at 6 to say our final goodbyes to Manyenje village. It was very emotional, even the locals were upset, we will miss them! What followed was a 5 hour journey filled with odd reggae remixes and our first sandwiches in weeks. Finally we arrived at Liwonde and had a well deserved shower. 
We then went on safari, driving through the grasslands at high speed, we were fortunate enough to see hippos, zebras, impala, baboons, kudu (including the elusive male kudu), warthogs, fish eagles and a herd of elephants. We were the most scared we had ever been when the male elephant stared us in the faces and started to sniff and flap his ears!
Our guides then took us to the marshlands whwre we saw the sunset and had a snack. As we made our way back we saw some more animals and even went star - gazing, finding the southern cross, Scorpios and currently we are sitting around a table lit by candlelight after having the most amazing and well needed buffet (not that we didn't love Docas and Ivy's cooking).
Love Milana, Corey and Becca

Blog qotd: what jumped on milanas shoulder? A) Corey B) Tom C) grasshopper